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Price List

For routine servicing and maintenance we have provided a summary of our prices below.
For more complex and bespoke work please contact us for a tailored quote.

Engine oil and filter£72.00
Fuel filter£42.00
Air filters (2 required)£15.95 (each)
NKG spark plugs£112.00
Differential oil£30.00
Manual gearbox oil£35.00
Automatic gearbox oil£75.00
60,000 mile service
(inc. cam belt, tensioners, idlers, water pump, thermostat, bridge hoses and anti-freeze)
120,000 mile service
(inc. 60K mile service components, plus cam and crank oil seals, crank sprocket, VTC springs and seals)
Ancillary belts£14.95 (each)
Tension rod bushes£130.00 (pair)
HICAS rods£110.00 (per side)
Steering rack gaiter£38.00 (each)
Laser wheel alignment (inc. front and rear camber & toe adjustment)£120.00
Clutch replacement (inc. rear main oil seal)£575.00
Reconditioned clutch booster£375.00*
Brake pads£78.00 (per axle)
Heater matrix£275.00
Rear shock absorbers £279.99 (pair)
Front shock absorbers£279.99 (pair)
*Subject to an acceptable core being provided for exchange
All prices include fitting and exclude VAT

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